Wear protection

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Wear protection

Wear protection for tools against abrasive wear

For many decades now, Krug GmbH has specialised in wear protection for tools in machines and systems used for mixing, regenerating and transporting highly abrasive materials. Our decades of experience working with tungsten carbide is crucial for successful cooperation with mechanical engineers and users. In Simultaneous Engineering, we develop innovative products designed to meet the highest application demands. We develop and manufacture individual tools, like conveyor screws, mixer paddles and friction wheels, in any volume based on customer drawings or in-house design.

No matter whether vacuum soldering, soldering in continuous furnaces in an inert gas atmosphere or inductive soldering: we offer the right soldering method for every requirement.

A focal point here is the application of tungsten granulate in different grain sizes on diverse base plates. Depending on the intended application, the components are thus protected against increased wear, while receiving the required aggressiveness for the production process, e.g. with friction wheels for casting sand treatment. Extensive empirical values for soldering tungsten granulate guarantee our customers the highest level of quality – a quality that is part and parcel of our service even at difficult locations such as faces, curvatures etc. We also ensure continuity in production and reliability in quality when soldering tungsten plates.

We regard ourselves as a reliable partner who responds to customer requirements with the utmost flexibility and attention. We consequently prepare blanks in line or manufacture complete components from soldered parts:

  • blank production according to customer specifications
  • milling of plate seat, groove etc.
  • cutting/deburring of threads
  • Welding of conveyor screws from individual components etc.

Thanks to our sophisticated logistics concept, we therefore ensure short delivery times for critical wearing parts. The aim here is to achieve the greatest possible supply certainty for our customers, thereby contributing significantly to cost optimisation through less downtimes.